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Mark Thalman

Mark Thalman's book Catching the Limit is published by Bedbug Press - Fairweather Books (2009) and is part of their Northwest Poetry Series. His poetry has been widely published in small presses, college reviews, anthologies, and e-zines for the last three decades.  Thalman's poetry has appeared in Carolina Quarterly, CutBank, Many Mountains Moving, Pedestal Magazine, and Pennsylvania Review, among others. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Oregon, and he teaches English in the public schools.  Thalman has been a Poet-in-the-Schools for the Oregon Arts Commission, an Assistant Poetry Editor for the Northwest Review, and a board member of the Portland Poetry Festival. He has also been an instructor for Chemeketa Community College. Thalman lives in Forest Grove, Oregon. For more information please visit markthalman.com.

Catching the Limit, Bedbug Press - Fairweather Books (2009).

Appearing in recent anthologies
Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer's Disease, Kent State University Press (2009).
Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon, Ooligan Press: Portland State University Press (2007).

poems by Mark Thalman

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"We each carry lines of poetry with us. Words that others have written float back to us and stay with us, indelibly. We clutch these "life lines" like totems, repeat them as mantras, and summon them for comfort and laughter."

-Academy of American Poets